AIMS Communalism Watch

Against communalism in Mauritius


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AIMS Communalism Watch is a space dedicated to publishing communiqués and quick alerts on the dangerous use of communalism in politics in Mauritius in the context of the upcoming general elections scheduled for the 5th May 2010.

Visitors can contribute by sending their own alerts and by inserting comments for all alerts published. All contributions will be subjected to verification and moderation as far as possible before publication but we cannot guarantee that all contributions will have been fully checked. In any case, we wish to see a diversity of opinions and we reiterate that we are apolitical and wish to apply the same standards to all parties and candidates.

A word of caution: it is not possible for AIMS Communalism Watch to keep track of all communalist statements and deeds by politicians. We essentially keep track of newspaper publications and some radio statements. This is why your help is needed (please provide links to original sources to allow for faster verification).

Thank you all for helping us cleanse Mauritius of the cancer of communalism.

AIMS stands for Amnesty International Mauritius Section
The official website for AIMS is


Written by watchcommunalism

April 22, 2010 at 7:43 pm

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